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Lucep Survey – Ease of Use Tops Factors Important For Adoption of New Sales Management Tools

As a sales organization, we're always looking at ways to find new keys that will unlock a flood of leads and sales revenue. As a SaaS company whose customer profile includes SaaS providers, we also want to know what factors are important for our customers considering adoption of new sales management tools. An Access Group [...]

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How Important is Salesforce CRM Integration for B2B SaaS Tools?

Lucep is currently in the process of setting up standard integrations and plugins with all the major CRM platforms and other sales tools. That's one of the reasons you've been reading a lot about CRMs and integration on this blog. Today, I want to share with you some data we have about the importance of [...]

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SaaS Click to Call Service for Website Marketing

By implementing a click to call service on  your website, you are making it fairly effortless for your sales and support teams to talk to your customers. It is fairly straightforward for you to set up this kind of system on your website, or on any other device for that matter. A question that [...]

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Calculate and Reduce Costs of Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition

A new business or startup will immediately unfurl a “mission accomplished” banner and declare victory if you are able to market and sell your product, regardless of the costs. But if your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is greater than the customer lifetime value (LTV or CLV) for your business, then you are on a [...]

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