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Instant response is all about how you can call your customer back and improving response time can help improve conversion rates

What is First Call Resolution – FCR rate, metrics, best practices

As an omnichannel marketing automation platform that generates revenue for our clients by improving their customer experience, Lucep has to provide reports that track metrics such as first call resolution. FCR is an especially important metric for us, because the key differentiator of the Lucep callback widget and app is instant response to sales leads [...]

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How Instant Response to Facebook Drives Prineville Economic Development

Earlier this month, Facebook added the eleventh data center to their massive data operations in Henrico, VA. It's so vast that it will need 22,000 miles of fibre-optic cables, and it will all be powered by 100% clean and renewable energy, enabling Facebook to continue keeping their carbon footprint down to a minimum. Each of these [...]

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Proven Elements of B2B C-Suite Marketing

Getting a meeting with C-Suite executives is hard enough, but walking out of that meeting with a request for a proposal is even harder. Closing the deal is best not discussed at this point, but there are certain proven elements of B2B C-Suite marketing. Finding the right decision maker: When it comes B2B marketing, one [...]

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How to Use Live Chat Transcripts to Increase Website Conversions

One of the strategies we're deploying at Lucep is to market our SaaS subscription service to businesses that already use live chat on their website. The theory is that since you're aware of the importance of real-time response to website leads, we don't have to convince you to adopt sales acceleration technology such as Lucep [...]

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How to Sell More Cars Using Lucep

Many automotive dealers run click to call campaigns now instead of the usual PPC ads, mainly because it’s a highly competitive segment where you must talk to car buyers first - before any other dealer, and get the buyer to come down to see you in person before they visit any other showroom. An estimated [...]

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Lessons Learnt From Sales Call Failures

The hardest thing in sales, by far, is losing a deal that you know you had in your hand. The good news is that experience is what you get when you don't get what you were aiming for. Listed below are some interesting learning experiences shared by some very famous sales experts. 1. Importance of [...]

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Customizable Callback Ushers an Era of Customer Experience Management

In this article, I want to share with you how two key concepts - customizable callback and customer experience management - have come together to trigger a revolutionary change in how customers perceive businesses, and how businesses react to customer queries. To fully understand how the two work in tandem, we will first need to get [...]

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Click to Call Support For Increasing Inbound Sales

In this article, I want to share with you how a click to call support tool can be used to increase inbound sales. It’s definitely a highly useful sales enablement tool to improve the efficiencies of every sales activity undertaken. More importantly, it can instantly eliminate a lot of challenges that sales managers face, [...]

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How Fast Response Helps Qualify Leads and Builds Brand Trust

You will find a huge number of articles on Lucep about fast response, and how it helps qualify leads and generates more conversions. But now we want you to hear from sales experts and business leaders about how fast response to leads also helps build brand trust. Lucep is expanding in markets foreign as [...]

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