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Lucep PlugandPlaying Into Verticals

Lucep recently got entry into two separate accelerator programs in different verticals, but with a common thread - the PlugAndPlay Accelerator. First, we got into Startup Autobahn, which is an automotive technology innovation program created as a partnership between Daimler and Plug and Play. The other one is our recent selection into the PlugAndPlay Accelerator's first [...]

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How to make phone numbers clickable

Before I show you how to make your phone numbers clickable, let's just take a minute to understand why this is so important. Importance of Click to Call for Mobile These are statistics from a study commissioned by Google, “to understand consumer attitudes about click to call within organic and paid mobile search results.” 47% [...]

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Knowlarity Cloud Telephony Review

Knowlarity is a cloud telephony provider that has focused on reducing the number of touchpoints between you and your customer. These services are too often thought of as just customer interaction tools, but they go far deeper with advanced reporting and customer insights that will help you increase conversions. If you're missing sales calls, losing [...]

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How Important is Salesforce CRM Integration for B2B SaaS Tools?

Lucep is currently in the process of setting up standard integrations and plugins with all the major CRM platforms and other sales tools. That's one of the reasons you've been reading a lot about CRMs and integration on this blog. Today, I want to share with you some data we have about the importance of [...]

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Which is the Best Live Chat Software? Olark, Zoho, Zopim Reviews

Are you sure you want to use live chat software? Well, ok. The first thing to do when you are shopping for any kind of software is to have a feature checklist in front of you. The table below will help you do a head to head comparison of the features available in the top 3 live chat software. [...]

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8 Live Chat Features That Click to Call Can Do Better

The inefficiency of using the wrong tool for the job comes with a very real price tag.  - Scott Severson | President | Brandpoint. If you’re a SaaS startup, a lawyer, car dealership or any other small business, you don’t really care whether you should use live chat or click to call on your website. [...]

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Call Now API For SaaS Developers

Lucep is an instant call back tool that helps capture, call and convert website visitors into customers. The Lucep widget and mobile app duo push down leads directly from the website to the phones of the right sales team member. Smarter lead allocation helps users respond instantly, which in turn increases lead generation and [...]

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Delighted Customer is the Best Ambassador for a Product

At @SurgeConf 2016 in Bangalore, i happened to hear Mahesh Murthy speaking on how to do marketing with minimum or no budgets and what caught my attention was the statement - "future of marketing is product itself" . The product for it to market itself, needs a proponent , the best one being a delighted [...]

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