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How to maximise digital marketing ROI?

  • Smart lead distribution

  • Instant lead response

  • Generate more test drives

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Instant new lead notifications

1. Instant new lead notifications

Lucep integrates seamlessly with Facebook to collect your leads, send instant notifications on the phone, and automate the next steps in your lead management process.

Smart lead distribution

2. Smart lead distribution

Leads are picked up and sent to the right dealership location and their sales executives based on preferred distribution methods (ad-hoc, round-robin, and/or product category).

3. Convert more leads into Test Drives

We have case studies which show that average lead response time by automotive sales executives drops to less than 10 minutes after they start using Lucep. This generates 3 times the number of test drives - from the same leads you had before.

A. OEM brand lead distribution

A well-known OEM got a big boost in their automotive digital marketing ROI by reducing lead response time to 6 minutes.

Their test drive conversion rate increased from 10% to 30.7% - in just seven weeks. Read more…

OEM brand lead distribution
Dealership gamification

B. Dealership gamification

A luxury car dealership gamified their sales process by asking half their sales team to start using Lucep.

Car sales from web leads doubled month-on-month. Read more…

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