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5 ways to understand website visitor experience and B2B conversions

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Lucep is a B2B service provider that generate leads and conversions online, and it's one of the hardest things to do on the web today. On top of that, we get to track the leads [...]

Sales Manager Job Description – 10 Attributes for Success

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As part of our plan for global expansion, Lucep has opened new offices and putting out sales jobs vacancies for locations across North America and Asia-Pacific. Coming up with the right job descriptions for different job [...]

Content Curation Best Practices From Pawan Deshpande, CEO, Curata

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Pawan Deshpande is founder and CEO of content curation and marketing platform Curata, Inc. Before founding Curata, Pawan has held software engineering and research positions at Microsoft and Google, in between research done at the [...]

Missed opportunities in your B2B marketing

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B2B marketing is far more targeted and personalized as compared to casting a wide net to attract consumers and end users. You may be getting leads from advertising, cold calls to businesses in your niche, [...]

How to avoid marketing fatigue for email, cold calling and content

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Whichever your industry, there's a finite limit to the number of B2B connections you can make. After some time, the leads are harder to come by and you have to focus more on customer marketing [...]