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This tag is all about sales acceleration and how you can use it to improve your sales leads and your response to leads from your website

7 Ways to Maximize Website Conversions From Live Chat

There may be differences in how live chat and click to call work, and they’re our competitors since we fulfill many of the same functions. But both are great customer service tools, and both are able to generate website leads and increase your conversion rates. In the spirit of this sales tool fellowship that enables [...]

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Practice Management CRM Solutions for Lawyers and Law Firms

Lucep is currently doing a survey of lead response management by personal injury lawyers and law firms, so we've been getting a lot of queries from these firms about the best lead management solutions and tools they should be using. Actually, the technical term for a CRM used by those practicing law is a 'Practice Management Solution.' Whether [...]

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Interview with Sales Acceleration Expert Jeb Blount

Part of Lucep's ongoing series to bring you the indepth interviews with some of the best people in the sales industry so you can learn tips and tricks on how to improve your sales strategy, this week we interview Jeb Blount. Jeb Blount is a sales acceleration strategist and published author with seven books [...]

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Use Sales Acceleration To Transform Your B2B Sales

One thing that B2B marketers lose a lot of sleep over is the need to generate more leads. It's hard to focus on the lead source or quality when your sales pipeline is running on empty or fumes, so the first issue that Sales Acceleration tackles is about how to increase lead generation for your [...]

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