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Cheap Click to Call Provides A Huge Marketing ROI

One of the good things about website marketing is that it's constantly evolving at a furious pace to keep up with new technologies and innovations. Sitewide banner impressions gave way to contextual pay per click ads based on page content, but now even that doesn’t work so well because people have learned to ignore [...]

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Simple Click to Call Solution for Small Business Websites

Click to call is typically a web to phone solution. It allows a website visitor to connect with you in real time, or at least instantly, simply by clicking a button, text (phone number, “call now”, etc.) or image on a web page. For example, Lucep’s simple click to call technology asks a website [...]

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Get Better Results From Your Phone Calls

For most salespeople the part they hate the most about their job is cold-calling. This is when you call some unsuspecting person and try to explain to them how your product is going to revolutionize their life. It is really the most fundamental and basic concept in sales, find someone who does not know about [...]

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