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This tag is all about online sales and how business particularly B2B companies can make the most of their online channels as ways to generate leads for their sales team and increase their revenue

How to Improve Your Google Insights PageSpeed Score

You are likely here because you put your website through Lucep's Website Performance Checking tool, looked at your Google Insights PageSpeed Score, and the thought crossed your mind that the score (and your website) could use some improvement. Faster loading websites offer a better user experience, and even a small improvement in page loading speed [...]

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What is Your Alexa Website Reach, and How to Widen it

Using content creation and marketing, search optimization, link acquisition strategies and so on, you can grab people elsewhere on the web by the scruff of their necks and haul them over to your website. This will improve your usual visitor and traffic metrics such as the number of uniques and pageviews. That's website traffic, which [...]

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Lucep Client Study – Engaging Content Generates More Leads and Sales Online

In this article, I would like to share some valuable data-driven insight on the effectiveness and ROI of your lead generation process. We have the privilege of analyzing a lot of data coming in from clients in different sectors such as SaaS and B2B. So one of the things we did was take a close [...]

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