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This tag is all about online sales and how business particularly B2B companies can make the most of their online channels as ways to generate leads for their sales team and increase their revenue

How to Find What Content You Should be Producing

The importance of content creation and marketing cannot be overemphasized in terms of your online marketing and sales strategy.  The stats, from the Content Marketing Institute, speak for themselves: 200 million people now use ad blockers; 7.8 times more website traffic for content marketing leaders; Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, but generates [...]

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3 Quick-win Strategies to Fill Your Sales Funnel With Qualified Traffic

There are two ways to get more online sales from your website. You can get more traffic and/or try to increase your conversion rate. This second part is far more effective, because you simply have to focus on the right kind of visitors who are more likely to convert. The median conversion rate for B2B [...]

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How Call Back Solutions Drive Higher Conversion Rates

Allow me to ask you two simple questions, as a way to kickstart this discussion about how call back solutions can drive higher conversion rates. First, do you have a marketing budget for attracting visitors to your website? Second, do you have a marketing budget to convert those visitors who are already on your website? [...]

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Top 5 Tips on How to Respond to Leads

The median conversion rate for B2B websites is 2.23%. If you happen to be among the top 25% of B2B businesses that are very good at website marketing, you may convert at 4.31%. But the top 10% convert far better at 11.70%. How do you get from 2.23% to 11.70%? It's mostly about establishing a [...]

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Best Marketing Strategies to Stay Within Your Marketing Budget

Offline and online marketing are now pretty much inseparably merged under a single strategy that flows after leads are moved from the physical realm to digital platforms, if they're not already there. This according to the latest annual Gartner CMO Spend Survey, which states that 98% of marketers affirm that online and offline marketing are [...]

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Marketing Technologies to Reduce Your Workload

While there’s plenty of angst about how artificial intelligence and automation are killing jobs, it’s also true that marketing technologies are major factors in amplifying productivity and reducing workloads. Implementing the right automation system will simplify your job and help you multi-task with far greater precision. A marketing technology update report in Forbes notes that [...]

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Your Website Marketing Goals

With numbers like these, you’re going to be left behind if you don't jump on the website marketing train. But before you start, take some time to set the goals for website marketing. The success of all the decisions and plans you have in your marketing plan depends heavily on the goals set by [...]

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Sales Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

IBM Tealeaf, a leading provider of digital customer experience management and customer behavior analysis solutions, revealed in a tweet that companies spend $92 attracting a customer to their website for every $1 spent converting them once they are on the site. This disparity, and the fact that 96-97% of website traffic typically will not [...]

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3 Lead Conversion Triggers From SEO Experts

1. Psychological Trigger The best way to convert a large chunk of your leads is by educating your customers as much as possible. People tend to migrate to the easiest option available to achieve the desired result. You can feed this psychological trigger by creating an easy-to-follow framework for your website audience to follow, [...]

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How to Improve Your Google Insights PageSpeed Score

You are likely here because you put your website through Lucep's Website Performance Checking tool, looked at your Google Insights PageSpeed Score, and the thought crossed your mind that the score (and your website) could use some improvement. Faster loading websites offer a better user experience, and even a small improvement in page loading speed [...]

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