This tag talks about marketing from a digital standpoint and how businesses can improve their online and digital marketing efforts to generate more leads for their business

Best Marketing Strategies to Stay Within Your Marketing Budget

Offline and online marketing are now pretty much inseparably merged under a single strategy that flows after leads are moved from the physical realm to digital platforms, if they're not already there. This according to the latest annual Gartner CMO Spend Survey, which states that 98% of marketers affirm that online and offline marketing are [...]

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Marketing Technologies to Reduce Your Workload

While there’s plenty of angst about how artificial intelligence and automation are killing jobs, it’s also true that marketing technologies are major factors in amplifying productivity and reducing workloads. Implementing the right automation system will simplify your job and help you multi-task with far greater precision. A marketing technology update report in Forbes notes that [...]

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Online Marketing Tools to Track Website Leads

A lead tracking tool will help you understand where a lead stands in your marketing and sales funnels, and follow the path that they take through your campaigns and website pages, all the way from being an unknown website visitor to a lead and then a customer. The good thing about the latest cutting-edge [...]

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Case Studies – Digital Marketing Strategies of B2B Powerhouses like Maersk, PIXAR and Fisher Tank

A recent Forrester Research study on “Building The B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform Of The Future” shows that B2B buyers expect the same range of omni-channel buying options they enjoy as consumers. This is why almost half (49%) prefer to use consumer websites for work-related purchases. Digital marketing strategies targeting B2B customers are actually quite difficult [...]

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Your Website Marketing Goals

With numbers like these, you’re going to be left behind if you don't jump on the website marketing train. But before you start, take some time to set the goals for website marketing. The success of all the decisions and plans you have in your marketing plan depends heavily on the goals set by [...]

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Calculate and Reduce Costs of Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition

A new business or startup will immediately unfurl a “mission accomplished” banner and declare victory if you are able to market and sell your product, regardless of the costs. But if your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is greater than the customer lifetime value (LTV or CLV) for your business, then you are on a [...]

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Controlling Your Marketing Budget In 3 Easy Steps

Marketing Budget:  An amount that the marketing team spends on activities which helps promote your products or services. It is your investment in your company and you need to grow your brand and revenue. This definition may seem straightforward, however it is actually difficult to keep a tab on this amount. There are two main [...]

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Want Instant Leads? Try These Tips Now!

Leads are the lifeblood of any sales team and business. The easier it is for a business to get leads the faster that company will grow. High quality leads close faster and with less effort allowing you to process more of them. It is generally understood that B2B lead gen is held up by three [...]

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