Leads are vital for any business. This tag is about how companies can get more leads through the internet and strategies for them to grow their lead funnel

Top 5 Tips on How to Respond to Leads

The median conversion rate for B2B websites is 2.23%. If you happen to be among the top 25% of B2B businesses that are very good at website marketing, you may convert at 4.31%. But the top 10% convert far better at 11.70%. How do you get from 2.23% to 11.70%? It's mostly about establishing a [...]

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Sales Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

IBM Tealeaf, a leading provider of digital customer experience management and customer behavior analysis solutions, revealed in a tweet that companies spend $92 attracting a customer to their website for every $1 spent converting them once they are on the site. This disparity, and the fact that 96-97% of website traffic typically will not [...]

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Want Instant Leads? Try These Tips Now!

Leads are the lifeblood of any sales team and business. The easier it is for a business to get leads the faster that company will grow. High quality leads close faster and with less effort allowing you to process more of them. It is generally understood that B2B lead gen is held up by three [...]

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Delighted Customer is the Best Ambassador for a Product

At @SurgeConf 2016 in Bangalore, i happened to hear Mahesh Murthy speaking on how to do marketing with minimum or no budgets and what caught my attention was the statement - "future of marketing is product itself" . The product for it to market itself, needs a proponent , the best one being a delighted [...]

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