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Posts about lead response best practices, marketing technology, and the importance of responding instantly to your customers.

Lucep Survey – CEOs and Sales Managers on The Importance of Fast Lead Response

I want to share with you some of the quotes provided to us by CEOs and sales managers as part of a market study of the sales processes of companies in the B2B and SaaS areas. This lead response study was conducted for Lucep by researchers from the IBD program at the Haas School of [...]

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How to Get Fast Support to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

In this article, I’m going to highlight the importance of fast support for improving your lead conversion rate. We’ll look at the ‘Why, Who and How’ of fast lead response, starting with the why part - Why is instant response or fast support important when it comes to sales? Importance of Fast Support in [...]

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LiveChat Bots vs Human Response to Leads

One of the things we’re proud of about Lucep is that it’s an engine with a warm and fuzzy human heart. Yes, it automates your website marketing, but it actually helps your sales team speak person-to-person with more of your website visitors. This very real and instant human lead response, as opposed to a [...]

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Why Help Leads Instead of Selling to Them

One of the things we do regularly on this blog is to seek out sales experts and ask them for tips, solutions and best practices for common challenges and sales processes. One such topic that gets covered a lot is lead generation, management and conversions. This covers everything from prospecting tips and tools to [...]

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How Long Does a Prospect Have to Wait For a Call Back From You?

In this article, I want to share with you the benefits of using a website call back system to convert more prospects into qualified leads. Lead response is one of the more complex aspects of the sales process, and you need to figure out what works best for you. In fact, most competitive sectors [...]

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Fast Lead Response Using Click to Call For Your Website

Using click to call for your website will help you generate more leads online through fast response to queries raised by website visitors. Before getting to the part on how to implement click to call functionality, let’s just take a minute to understand why you need it. The conversion rate of a website varies [...]

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CRO Click to Call For Enterprise Sales

One of the overarching goals of every sales organization is better conversion rate optimization (CRO) for every activity that marketing undertakes. Everything you do along these lines is broadly classified as sales enablement, including CRO tools and platforms. In this article, we’re going to talk about one particular CRO tool - a click to call [...]

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How Fast Response Helps Qualify Leads and Builds Brand Trust

You will find a huge number of articles on Lucep about fast response, and how it helps qualify leads and generates more conversions. But now we want you to hear from sales experts and business leaders about how fast response to leads also helps build brand trust. Lucep is expanding in markets foreign as [...]

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How to Set Up An Instant Lead Response System

If you’re responding to sales leads manually, an instant response that helps you close the deal right away is a home run. You want to hit every ball out of the park, but it’s not going to happen. Unless, that is, you start using an instant lead response system. Before getting to the how [...]

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