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This tag is to show companies better ways to manage their leads so that they can increase their conversion rates and earn more revenue for the business

3 Quick-win Strategies to Fill Your Sales Funnel With Qualified Traffic

There are two ways to get more online sales from your website. You can get more traffic and/or try to increase your conversion rate. This second part is far more effective, because you simply have to focus on the right kind of visitors who are more likely to convert. The median conversion rate for B2B [...]

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Top 5 Tips on How to Respond to Leads

The median conversion rate for B2B websites is 2.23%. If you happen to be among the top 25% of B2B businesses that are very good at website marketing, you may convert at 4.31%. But the top 10% convert far better at 11.70%. How do you get from 2.23% to 11.70%? It's mostly about establishing a [...]

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Ten Easy tricks to give your Online Conversion Rate a boost

Many of you might have come across the word conversion rate optimization, which is a method that helps you increase your conversion rate, viz, converting your online visitors into customers. So what actually do we mean by it? Conversion Rate:  It is the percentage of visitors which convert to complete a goal. You need to make [...]

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The 5 Expert Ways to Nurture Leads & Increase Conversions

What is Lead Nurturing? Lead nurturing is the process of educating a prospect/lead with the right information for their needs at each stage of the buyer journey, with the ultimate goal of converting the lead into a paying customer. Why is Lead Nurturing Essential? Lead nurturing helps you to be present on the [...]

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Lead Management – How It Can Transform Your Business

Want to hear some terrifying statistics for any business owner or sales manager.         35-65% of inbound leads are never called         75% of new leads never hear back from the business they contacted         30-40% of customers say they give their business to the first company that responds to them         Companies that put an immediate and persistent [...]

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Are you missing out on these valuable sources of B2B leads?

When we speak to our B2B customers and ask them about their pain points, the same answer comes up over and over again, it’s the need for more leads. One of the reasons businesses use Lucep is because we help take your website visitors and convert more of them to prospects. We have said [...]

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