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This tag is to show companies better ways to manage their leads so that they can increase their conversion rates and earn more revenue for the business

Mystery Shopping Experiment – How SaaS Companies Respond to Leads

Researchers from the IBD program at UC Berkeley, California did some market research for us last year. One section of the report they submitted included the results of a mystery shopping experiment conducted to find out how SaaS companies respond to inbound leads. The research team signed up for free trials with six of the [...]

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CRM Marketing Automation to Streamline Lead Management

Every sales organization, big or small, typically begins their journey of automation by adopting a CRM. However, CRM is not marketing automation by itself. It’s a tool to store, access, distribute and manage lead data. It's not a magic wand that generates leads and converts them into sales revenue, and the data still has to [...]

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Top 5 Dedicated Real Estate CRM Solutions

If you’re doing well in the real estate business, then you know how little time you have to manage leads and keep track of all your contacts, listings, CMAs, escrow, all the paperwork, scheduled meetings, followups, and the current status of each and every deal you have in the works. If a spreadsheet is not [...]

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Practice Management CRM Solutions for Lawyers and Law Firms

Lucep is currently doing a survey of lead response management by personal injury lawyers and law firms, so we've been getting a lot of queries from these firms about the best lead management solutions and tools they should be using. Actually, the technical term for a CRM used by those practicing law is a 'Practice Management Solution.' Whether [...]

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Click to Call Support For Increasing Inbound Sales

In this article, I want to share with you how a click to call support tool can be used to increase inbound sales. It’s definitely a highly useful sales enablement tool to improve the efficiencies of every sales activity undertaken. More importantly, it can instantly eliminate a lot of challenges that sales managers face, [...]

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SaaS Click to Call Service for Website Marketing

By implementing a click to call service on  your website, you are making it fairly effortless for your sales and support teams to talk to your customers. It is fairly straightforward for you to set up this kind of system on your website, or on any other device for that matter. A question that [...]

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Cheap Click to Call Provides A Huge Marketing ROI

One of the good things about website marketing is that it's constantly evolving at a furious pace to keep up with new technologies and innovations. Sitewide banner impressions gave way to contextual pay per click ads based on page content, but now even that doesn’t work so well because people have learned to ignore [...]

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Simple Click to Call Solution for Small Business Websites

Click to call is typically a web to phone solution. It allows a website visitor to connect with you in real time, or at least instantly, simply by clicking a button, text (phone number, “call now”, etc.) or image on a web page. For example, Lucep’s simple click to call technology asks a website [...]

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Sales Enablement Tips to Maintain Consistency

What does sales enablement mean? Sales and enablement are both simple words. But taken together, they form a potent combination that is hard to define because there is so much that comes under it. Let's take a crack at defining sales enablement before we get started on the tips. Sales Enablement Definition [...]

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