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This tag talks about one of the biggest issues facing B2B companies online. How to generate high quality leads for their business. Here we offer advise and tips on how to do this.

How to Automate Prospecting Using Lead Generation Software

We talk to a lot of sales experts, and invariably ask them for tips and advice that might help you be more successful in sales and selling. One of the common threads that has popped up in these conversations is about prospecting - how to generate more leads, build a sustainable sales pipeline, and [...]

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Referrals vs Influencer Marketing

Lucep is technically a click to call tool for website marketing, so we write a lot about that. But apart from the application itself, we also want to talk about all the things that are important to our users and website audience. For instance, one of the things that is very important is your [...]

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Simple Click to Call Solution for Small Business Websites

Click to call is typically a web to phone solution. It allows a website visitor to connect with you in real time, or at least instantly, simply by clicking a button, text (phone number, “call now”, etc.) or image on a web page. For example, Lucep’s simple click to call technology asks a website [...]

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What is Your Online Sales Funnel, and How it Helps Increase Sales

Your online sales funnel is a depiction of the various stages that all your website leads are in, at any given time. Each company has its own sales process, so qualified leads being chased down by your sales team are in different stages of the process. Knowing where these leads are tells you where [...]

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Align Marketing and Sales by Defining Qualified Leads – MQLS and SQLs

It's acceptable for every company to have it's own definition of exactly what constitutes a lead for you. We'll come back to this, but for the moment, let's skip past it and drill down to marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs). The question here is - do your marketing and sales departments agree [...]

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Guide to Getting your First Lead Tracking Software

The fact that you're looking for lead tracking software is a good thing. It means your business is growing fast enough that you are not able to keep track of every lead manually. But before you start deciding what to download, install or buy, take a step back to consider the goals. The primary [...]

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Creating the Right Sales Process for Your Organization

In this post, I'm going to address the single most important concern for every sales manager heading up a fledgling team of SDRs and/or sales reps. Is what you are doing now, or planning to do, the right sales process for your organization? The answer is in your sales and revenue growth charts. Specifically, [...]

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Sales Prospecting Tips From the Experts

One of the things we do to add value to this blog is to let sales experts do the talking on key issues that are important for people in Sales. Prospecting and cold calling rank very high on the list, so we have collected some highly valuable tips and advice for you on these topics [...]

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Top 5 Online Marketing Channels Your Campaign Should Cover

Ideally, your business needs to have a presence on all the online marketing channels that your customers are on. But if you had to make a choice to focus a limited marketing budget, it would be better to pick the top channels that will give you the highest ROI on [...]

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