Insurance technology posts on Lucep, including digital transformation in insurance, and future insurtech trends such as AI, IoT and blockchain.

100,000 Reasons that Validate Lucep’s Insurance Technology

A few days ago at an event in London, Eric Clurfain, Head of MetLife EMEA, and Francoise Lamotte, Head of Direct and Digital, MetLife EMEA, called the founders of Lucep on stage to hand  over a large check for $100,000, as the culmination of a global contest involving 148 startups from 32 countries. Back in [...]

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Insurance Sales Enablement by Channel

This is a followup to the insurance survey results we published earlier this month about digital channels and the role of the agent. In that post, we explored the top 5 channels that carriers have on their website, and how the agent's role has changed into that of an advisor focused on the stage where [...]

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How to Generate Facebook Leads and Get instant notifications

Lucep is happy to announce the launch of an exciting new addition. Now you can generate Facebook leads instantly on your phone with Lucep whenever someone fills up a Facebook Lead Ads form.  As a how-to on setting up and using Facebook Lead Ads campaign to generate leads and contacting them instantly, we're sharing [...]

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Is Insurance Now a Thing on the IoT?

Our omnichannel API makes everything from core banking software to government IT backbones integrate seamlessly with all the surrounding systems and third-party software. But one truly fascinating application is in insurance, where Lucep's open APIs can track and provide omnichannel engagement data about your customers. What we want to look at in this post is [...]

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Survey – Digital Insurance Channels and the Role of the Agent

The role of the insurance agent has undergone a huge transformation in the last two decades. Twenty years ago, insurance agents went around in person to people they knew, and friends of friends, trying to get people to buy insurance. Ten years ago, their roles changed to following leads distributed by their company, which in [...]

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