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Fintech Innovation Labs in Singapore

One of the highlights of the Singapore Fintech Festival is the Innovation Lab Crawl (Nov 15-16), where fintech innovation labs in Singapore will open up their doors for visitors. It's a great opportunity to get to know the fintech startup ecosystem in Singapore, and network with startups and the key executives of some of the [...]

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Addressing industry problem statements at Global FinTech Hackcelerator

On Nov 12, 2018, Lucep along with 19 other teams of fintech, insurtech, regtech and suptech innovators will take the stage on Demo Day, at the Global FinTech Hackcelerator. We were thrilled to be one of the 20 teams shortlisted by a panel of industry judges out of over 304 submissions from over 40 countries! [...]

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Click to Call Case Study – UBA Banking on Customer Engagement

United Bank of Africa, a Lucep customer, has won awards for innovation and their use of technology for more effective customer engagement and delivery of digital services. This click to call case study explains how Lucep’s technology enabled this bank to improve their customer engagement process, generate more leads, and reduce call center wait times. [...]

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Capture, Call and Convert Abandoned Form fills

The abandonment rates for banks, at 79.3%, is way higher than other sectors such as retail (73.9%) and fashion (68.3%). More worrying is the fact that even the form abandonment rates for the financial sector are way too high. Research data from Forrestor shows that 54% of financial services application form fills are abandoned before [...]

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Bank Branch Location – Decision Support Model After Digital Transformation

As a digital transformation enabler, Lucep eliminates the need for banks to maintain large branches with huge square footage set aside for waiting customers. Customers arrive just in time for their scheduled appointment, and get the services they require without having to wait in line. This is one of our key selling points - the [...]

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Top 25 Self-service Kiosk Manufacturers and Management Systems

Virtual kiosk with SMS/paper tokens. Request Demo. As part of the scope of work with clients, Lucep works with self-service kiosk manufacturers to make use of their APIs and integrate their machines and software with ours including client's existing legacy and digital signage systems that are already in place. We have a huge amount [...]

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Omnichannel Way to Integrate Blockchain Banks and Branches

Lucep is one of the sponsors of the Branch Transformation Conference being organized by the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) in Singapore this month. In addition to Lucep CEO Kaiesh Vohra, the list of speakers invited to speak includes the CEOs and the top leadership of the world's biggest banks. Two recurring themes in [...]

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Branch Transformation Trends – White Paper on Future of Branch Banking

At this year's IQPC - Branch Transformation Conference in Singapore, the agenda is mainly focused around one thing - Human centered design across all channels, and the technologies that enable today's bank branches to move towards this design through customer identification and segmentation. For example, Hui Hui Li, President of Global Business Management, Deputy GM [...]

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Banking jobs made easy with Omnichannel software

The old fashioned way of banking is to know your customers, greet them when they arrive at the bank, and you know beforehand what they are there for. This is what makes customers prefer a particular bank and branch - because they know the tellers and managers, and expect fast and efficient service. The question [...]

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