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This tag represents the Lucep app when it comes to helping comapnies respond to call back requests. These are ideas and tips on how companies can improve this area of their business.

5 Reasons Why Your Visitors Are Not Contacting You

Website conversion rates typically vary from 2-10%, depending on the industry you are a part of and the ability of your website to engage and convert visitors into leads and sales. Thing is that not all visitors are ready to buy right off the bat. You still need to be able to stay in touch [...]

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Difference Between Call Back Tools and Live Chat?

Both live chat and call back (also known as instant response) tools serve a very similar function. Their goal is to help visitors on the website engage and interact with the business in a way that is easy and convenient for both the customer and the company. These tools are primarily sales acceleration tools, [...]

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How Your Website Sells, and Why You Should Care

When you look at the sales process of any business, you can broadly break it up into three significant components: Generating the lead Engaging with the lead Closing the sale Of course there is a lot of before and after, such as identifying the customer segment, marketing the product, shipping, installation, configuration, etc - however [...]

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