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This tag represents the Lucep app when it comes to helping comapnies respond to call back requests. These are ideas and tips on how companies can improve this area of their business.

Case Studies – PPC vs Pay Per Call Web to Phone Analysis

As a click to call back tool for websites, Lucep is deeply interested in introducing the web to phone concept to marketers and businesses who want to talk to their online customers. That's why we're looking at web to phone case studies and analysis that show the dramatic difference between PPC and pay per [...]

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Callback Cost vs Website Marketing ROI

The title - callback cost vs website marketing - may sound promotional since Lucep is an instant response callback tool for website marketing. But this is an interesting debate that you should be aware of. The rise of digital marketing in general, and website marketing in particular, can be attributed to two compelling reasons. One [...]

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Engage Your Customers Instantly Through Cheap Callback

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or cheap leads. So when we say cheap callback, don’t get the idea that it’s going to fill your sales pipeline with leads at no cost. But as a business owner or manager, your goal is to get the maximum ROI for every dollar you invest. [...]

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Get Better Engagement Through No Programming Call Back

Creating engaging content is now an essential part of every online marketing strategy for getting more leads online. There’s a very strong connection between the quality of content a website has and it’s lead generation rate, conversion rate, average page views, bounce rate and other key metrics. Now I want to take this a [...]

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Customizable Callback Ushers an Era of Customer Experience Management

In this article, I want to share with you how two key concepts - customizable callback and customer experience management - have come together to trigger a revolutionary change in how customers perceive businesses, and how businesses react to customer queries. To fully understand how the two work in tandem, we will first need to get [...]

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How Long Does a Prospect Have to Wait For a Call Back From You?

In this article, I want to share with you the benefits of using a website call back system to convert more prospects into qualified leads. Lead response is one of the more complex aspects of the sales process, and you need to figure out what works best for you. In fact, most competitive sectors [...]

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Cheap Click to Call Provides A Huge Marketing ROI

One of the good things about website marketing is that it's constantly evolving at a furious pace to keep up with new technologies and innovations. Sitewide banner impressions gave way to contextual pay per click ads based on page content, but now even that doesn’t work so well because people have learned to ignore [...]

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How to Implement Cloud Telephony For Your Website

Before we get to the part about how to implement this on your website, you should know why you need a cloud telephony system. Importance of cloud telephony on websites The typical conversion rate of a website (may differ by industry) is between 2-3%, which means around 97-98% of your website visitors don't convert [...]

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How Call Back Solutions Drive Higher Conversion Rates

Allow me to ask you two simple questions, as a way to kickstart this discussion about how call back solutions can drive higher conversion rates. First, do you have a marketing budget for attracting visitors to your website? Second, do you have a marketing budget to convert those visitors who are already on your website? [...]

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