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This tag represents the Lucep app when it comes to helping comapnies respond to call back requests. These are ideas and tips on how companies can improve this area of their business.

How to make phone numbers clickable

Before I show you how to make your phone numbers clickable, let's just take a minute to understand why this is so important. Importance of Click to Call for Mobile These are statistics from a study commissioned by Google, “to understand consumer attitudes about click to call within organic and paid mobile search results.” 47% [...]

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How call to chat can anchor your B2B business

There's a vast difference between B2C e-commerce sales and generating B2B business online on your website. The latter requires your pages to provide in-depth information that explains your business, product, brand and its applications and implementation. The detailed knowledge base is good for SEO purposes, but it not so good for conversions because people tend [...]

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Recapture Leads Lost Due to Missed Calls from Online Buyers

Depending on which business you're in, anywhere between 38% to 60% of the calls you get are from people who want to know your business hours. This according to the Google-Ipsos study on the impact of Click to Call on mobile search users. The study also says that one of the main reasons that 54% [...]

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Top 5 Selling Tools for Car Dealerships

Why are we talking about selling cars on a B2B sales blog? That’s because Lucep has been advised to focus on a few selected verticals such as car dealerships. This from a research team from the IBD program at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, whom we called in to conduct a study about [...]

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8 Live Chat Features That Click to Call Can Do Better

The inefficiency of using the wrong tool for the job comes with a very real price tag.  - Scott Severson | President | Brandpoint. If you’re a SaaS startup, a lawyer, car dealership or any other small business, you don’t really care whether you should use live chat or click to call on your website. [...]

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GetSiteControl Callback Widget Alternatives for WordPress Blogs

Change before you have to - Jack Welch GetSiteControl is a one stop destination for all your web optimization needs. By installing it on your website you can very easily add or remove widgets. It’s believed to have a significant effect on engaging website visitors, eventually increasing conversions for the website. But like a [...]

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Call Now API For SaaS Developers

Lucep is an instant call back tool that helps capture, call and convert website visitors into customers. The Lucep widget and mobile app duo push down leads directly from the website to the phones of the right sales team member. Smarter lead allocation helps users respond instantly, which in turn increases lead generation and [...]

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Implement Free Call Back on Your Website

You have read a lot on this blog recently about click to call and callback solutions. We have also tackled tricky marketing issues such as how to calculate marketing ROI, your customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, and also creating service level agreements (SLAs) between your Sales and Marketing teams to define marketing qualified leads [...]

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Callback Customers Using a Call Back Tool on Your Website

Being last, while thriving to survive among the fittest is a pitiful sight. By coming last you not only miss out on a horde of opportunities, you also have to live with the constant fear of suddenly being evicted out of the business game any moment.  "If you are weaker player, it's going to [...]

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Request a Callback Tool vs Website Form

Lucep - Website form to phone - Free trial One very common call to action (CTA) that businesses use a lot on their website is “Request a Callback.” Lucep has written previously about why your website visitors may not be contacting you. One of these reasons is that buyers don’t want to be the caller. [...]

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