Posts about blockchain, distributed ledgers and other cryptocurrency issues impacting the banking industry.

Blockchain Distributed Ledgers Impact – Banking Industry Winners and Losers

Blockchain is by far the most impactful next big technology at this time, and it's causing disruptive innovation in almost every vertical. But nowhere is the impact being felt with so much urgency than the banking industry. Every financial institution now realizes that they must get on the blockchain bandwagon, and they also know that [...]

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Omnichannel Way to Integrate Blockchain Banks and Branches

Lucep is one of the sponsors of the Branch Transformation Conference being organized by the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) in Singapore this month. In addition to Lucep CEO Kaiesh Vohra, the list of speakers invited to speak includes the CEOs and the top leadership of the world's biggest banks. Two recurring themes in [...]

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