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Our posts with this tag focus on tips and advice for companies on how to get more B2B leads for their business. This is usually around the area of bringing more leads to your website and helping to conver them.

How an Online Lead Conversion App Can Increase Your Sales

A lead is a prospective customer who wants to know more about your business, and it also reflects an interest or need they have in using your product or services. Without an effective lead management system or online lead conversion app to help you engage and nurture this interest that your prospects and leads [...]

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Interview with Sales Acceleration Expert Jeb Blount

Part of Lucep's ongoing series to bring you the indepth interviews with some of the best people in the sales industry so you can learn tips and tricks on how to improve your sales strategy, this week we interview Jeb Blount. Jeb Blount is a sales acceleration strategist and published author with seven books [...]

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Lucep Client Study – Engaging Content Generates More Leads and Sales Online

In this article, I would like to share some valuable data-driven insight on the effectiveness and ROI of your lead generation process. We have the privilege of analyzing a lot of data coming in from clients in different sectors such as SaaS and B2B. So one of the things we did was take a close [...]

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Why B2B Sales People Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon.

It has been said that sales is all about relationships. That has never been more true than in the current world of B2B sales. The world has changed significantly over the last 20 years, now if you want to buy a book, make up, clothes there are plenty of websites where you can place a [...]

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How Your Website Sells, and Why You Should Care

When you look at the sales process of any business, you can broadly break it up into three significant components: Generating the lead Engaging with the lead Closing the sale Of course there is a lot of before and after, such as identifying the customer segment, marketing the product, shipping, installation, configuration, etc - however [...]

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