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Story of an Omnichannel banking solution provider’s business transformation

There's a huge amount of interest in the disruption caused by the need for branch transformation in the banking industry. Branches are closing down by the thousands, and banks are rushing to save them by making the branch a helpful touchpoint along the customer journey. But there's one element of physical and branch banking that [...]

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Customer-Centric Branch Transformation Interview With Hui Hui Li, Evergrowing Bank

Mr. Hui Hui Li is President of Global Business Management, Deputy GM of Strategic Development, Board of Directors, Evergrowing Bank. Prior to this, he was CEO, Consumer/Private/SME Bank. As CEO, he developed a 5-year transformation plan for the Bank, defined a pilot branch, and rolled out their digital channel initiatives. Prior to joining Evergrowing Bank, [...]

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Blockchain Distributed Ledgers Impact – Banking Industry Winners and Losers

Blockchain is by far the most impactful next big technology at this time, and it's causing disruptive innovation in almost every vertical. But nowhere is the impact being felt with so much urgency than the banking industry. Every financial institution now realizes that they must get on the blockchain bandwagon, and they also know that [...]

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Multichannel vs Omnichannel Marketing – Actionable Tips For Branch Transformation

In this article, we are going to share actionable tips on taking multichannel marketing one step further to make it omnichannel, in order to provide a 360-degree brand experience for your customers. You need to start by laying out your own definition of omnichannel marketing, and then look at the best practices and case studies. [...]

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Omnichannel Way to Integrate Blockchain Banks and Branches

Lucep is one of the sponsors of the Branch Transformation Conference being organized by the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) in Singapore this month. In addition to Lucep CEO Kaiesh Vohra, the list of speakers invited to speak includes the CEOs and the top leadership of the world's biggest banks. Two recurring themes in [...]

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Omnichannel Marketing Defined by the Experts

It's conventional marketing wisdom to be where your customers are. From the shops and right to the email inboxes and the most visited website in your industry, a huge social presence and now mobile, marketers have followed their customers on every channel possible. But that's still not enough, because there's a difference between a multi-channel [...]

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Branch Transformation Trends – White Paper on Future of Branch Banking

At this year's IQPC - Branch Transformation Conference in Singapore, the agenda is mainly focused around one thing - Human centered design across all channels, and the technologies that enable today's bank branches to move towards this design through customer identification and segmentation. For example, Hui Hui Li, President of Global Business Management, Deputy GM [...]

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Banking jobs made easy with Omnichannel software

The old fashioned way of banking is to know your customers, greet them when they arrive at the bank, and you know beforehand what they are there for. This is what makes customers prefer a particular bank and branch - because they know the tellers and managers, and expect fast and efficient service. The question [...]

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How Digital Signage Impacts the Psychology of Waiting Lines

The only thing that is more physically and mentally debilitating than an extended session with your banker, physician or a government agency is an exhaustive wait before your name or number gets called.   Queue management software. Reduce waiting time. Request Demo.       Having a dentist drilling into your teeth for 30 minutes [...]

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