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How to Automate Prospecting Using Lead Generation Software

We talk to a lot of sales experts, and invariably ask them for tips and advice that might help you be more successful in sales and selling. One of the common threads that has popped up in these conversations is about prospecting - how to generate more leads, build a sustainable sales pipeline, and [...]

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Engage Your Customers Instantly Through Cheap Callback

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or cheap leads. So when we say cheap callback, don’t get the idea that it’s going to fill your sales pipeline with leads at no cost. But as a business owner or manager, your goal is to get the maximum ROI for every dollar you invest. [...]

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Why Help Leads Instead of Selling to Them

One of the things we do regularly on this blog is to seek out sales experts and ask them for tips, solutions and best practices for common challenges and sales processes. One such topic that gets covered a lot is lead generation, management and conversions. This covers everything from prospecting tips and tools to [...]

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Fast Lead Response Using Click to Call For Your Website

Using click to call for your website will help you generate more leads online through fast response to queries raised by website visitors. Before getting to the part on how to implement click to call functionality, let’s just take a minute to understand why you need it. The conversion rate of a website varies [...]

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How to Get Relevant Information From Sales Leads

This Lucep.com blog regularly features sales experts providing their expert views about relevant subjects such as response to sales leads, enablement tools, prospecting tips, conversion rate optimization and more. As an offline extension of this process, Lucep is now organizing sales events in our local as well as foreign markets. The idea is to bring [...]

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Click to Call Support For Increasing Inbound Sales

In this article, I want to share with you how a click to call support tool can be used to increase inbound sales. It’s definitely a highly useful sales enablement tool to improve the efficiencies of every sales activity undertaken. More importantly, it can instantly eliminate a lot of challenges that sales managers face, [...]

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Referrals vs Influencer Marketing

Lucep is technically a click to call tool for website marketing, so we write a lot about that. But apart from the application itself, we also want to talk about all the things that are important to our users and website audience. For instance, one of the things that is very important is your [...]

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How Fast Response Helps Qualify Leads and Builds Brand Trust

You will find a huge number of articles on Lucep about fast response, and how it helps qualify leads and generates more conversions. But now we want you to hear from sales experts and business leaders about how fast response to leads also helps build brand trust. Lucep is expanding in markets foreign as [...]

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Effortless Click to Call Improves Customer Satisfaction, Conversion Rate and Analytics

Before looking at how a click to call tool helps improve customer satisfaction and conversion rate optimization, it may be helpful to look at why it’s even an option. The reality is that it is getting harder to attract website visitors and convert them into leads and paying customers.   This is primarily because [...]

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How to Manage Your Sales Team

The two main approaches to sales team management are activity- and results-based management. CEOs and sales managers will lean towards a results-oriented approach, but your sales representatives will be happier fulfilling the activities you hand out to them. Regardless of how you choose to manage your sales team, what you need after that is: A) [...]

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