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7 CEO Blog Themes from Letters to Lethal Generosity

As the chief executive officer of your company, it falls upon you to convey to your employees, customers, shareholders and other interested stakeholders what it is that you want them to do - to execute. Having your own blog is the perfect medium to disseminate these executive instructions, the company's mission and your vision on [...]

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How to Quickly Engage Your Customers

Engaging customers on all channels that they are present on is one of the new realities of online marketing. You have to engage your customers on your website, social media, email, by phone, in person, through referrals, influencers, events and all other such channels. Listed below are 5 quick ways that will help you quickly [...]

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How to Use Live Chat Transcripts to Increase Website Conversions

One of the strategies we're deploying at Lucep is to market our SaaS subscription service to businesses that already use live chat on their website. The theory is that since you're aware of the importance of real-time response to website leads, we don't have to convince you to adopt sales acceleration technology such as Lucep [...]

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Free and Open Source Live Chat Box Scripts for Website Customer Engagement

Most of these live chat scripts are customer engagement tools that connect you to prospective buyers on your website at the perfect time - when they are looking for you. A lot of the time, customers tend to feel like a real human is behind the chat. However, most of the time, it’s either just [...]

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Engage Your Customers Instantly Through Cheap Callback

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or cheap leads. So when we say cheap callback, don’t get the idea that it’s going to fill your sales pipeline with leads at no cost. But as a business owner or manager, your goal is to get the maximum ROI for every dollar you invest. [...]

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Customizable Callback Ushers an Era of Customer Experience Management

In this article, I want to share with you how two key concepts - customizable callback and customer experience management - have come together to trigger a revolutionary change in how customers perceive businesses, and how businesses react to customer queries. To fully understand how the two work in tandem, we will first need to get [...]

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Who is Your Target Market – Consumer, SME or Enterprise?

One of the things we do on this Lucep blog is to increase engagement through target marketing. You will find many articles on the blog about this process, including the importance of engaging content and the process of creating a content plan for your website. If you read the aforementioned two articles, one common [...]

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How to Shorten Lead Response Time

One of the key components of your lead management system or process is the way you respond to leads. The ideal lead response time varies by industry, but the benefits of fast response (relative to the competition) are pretty much universal. Studies published by Insidesales.com and HBR show that response within 5 minutes means [...]

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Interview with Sales Acceleration Expert Jeb Blount

Part of Lucep's ongoing series to bring you the indepth interviews with some of the best people in the sales industry so you can learn tips and tricks on how to improve your sales strategy, this week we interview Jeb Blount. Jeb Blount is a sales acceleration strategist and published author with seven books [...]

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