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How to avoid marketing fatigue for email, cold calling and content

Whichever your industry, there's a finite limit to the number of B2B connections you can make. After some time, the leads are harder to come by and you have to focus more on customer marketing and branding to keep yourself on the radar of your B2B buyers. This is where marketing fatigue sets in, and [...]

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5 Ways to Increase B2B Lead Generation

If you're in the B2B business, the amount of website traffic you get and the amount of reach you need are both far more limited than, say, Amazon.com or Apple's iTunes and other such sites that deal directly with consumers. That said, your B2B lead generation methods also need to be different from the usual [...]

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How Important is Salesforce CRM Integration for B2B SaaS Tools?

Lucep is currently in the process of setting up standard integrations and plugins with all the major CRM platforms and other sales tools. That's one of the reasons you've been reading a lot about CRMs and integration on this blog. Today, I want to share with you some data we have about the importance of [...]

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Top 5 Selling Tools for Car Dealerships

Why are we talking about selling cars on a B2B sales blog? That’s because Lucep has been advised to focus on a few selected verticals such as car dealerships. This from a research team from the IBD program at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, whom we called in to conduct a study about [...]

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Video – Startup Sales Tips – How to Get Your First Paying Customers

As part of an effort to better understand and help leads instead of selling to them, Lucep has been organizing a series of ‘Sales for Startups’ events in different markets. We bring together a panel of sales and industry experts, who talk about their experiences and offer sales tips to the audience, and also [...]

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B2B Sales Tips for New Startups

We regularly engage with sales experts on this blog and the offline ‘Sales for Startups’ events that Lucep hosts in our different markets. Each of these interactions and events invariably produces a few gems of information that are highly useful for people in sales. At one such startup event, our panel of sales experts [...]

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B2B Sales Tips – Pros and Cons of Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Salespeople are the source for key insights into what the customers need and want at different stages of their buying journey. While in inbound, the sales people along with marketing, can come up with powerful content to be put in front of their customers, displaying the ability to help leads instead of selling to [...]

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Cracking Enterprise Sales – How to Meet Decision Makers and Manage Complex Sales Cycles

Enterprise sales is far easier now with social CRMs and everyone from CEOs to purchase managers and sales reps connected to each other on the same social platforms. But technology can only get you so far - like a foot in the door. It can't help you close enterprise deals with complex sales cycles [...]

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Get Better Engagement Through No Programming Call Back

Creating engaging content is now an essential part of every online marketing strategy for getting more leads online. There’s a very strong connection between the quality of content a website has and it’s lead generation rate, conversion rate, average page views, bounce rate and other key metrics. Now I want to take this a [...]

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